Consumer Complaint Form

Part 1

A complaint shall not be referred or made under section 33 of the FTA after a period of 2 years has lapsed after the act or omission that is the cause of the complaint. Subject to the other provisions of this Act, the Commission shall have no jurisdiction to entertain a complaint where the value of the subject matter from which the complaint arose exceeds SCR 5,000,000,

Note that in accordance with the FTA 2022, section 33 (5), a person other than a person acting on his or her own behalf can lodge a complaint on behalf of another if he/she qualifies under one of the below categories;
(a) a person authorised and acting on behalf of another person who cannot act in his or her own name;
(b) a parent, custodian or guardian of a minor;
(c) a guardian to a person who is interdicted or subject to a supervision order.

*If you qualify under the reasons mentioned above, please provide the relevant information relating to the person on behalf of whom you are filing this complaint + documents to prove the criteria’s above (or power of attorney).

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (Service)

Please note that an assessment from a technical expert generally requires that the site or works in question remain unaltered from time that the respondent was last on site further note that should you choose to continue or alter the works in question prior to the technical experts or Authority on site, it may be detrimental to the investigation or even prevent further investigation from taking place.

Part 4 (Goods)

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